Penedès e-bike experiences 

Wine and Dine

Wend your way through the vineyards followed by a visit to a winery and a wine-tasting of your choice: Oriol Rossell or Parés Baltà or Loxarel or Joan Sardà, and then dine at the Cal Padrí restaurant.You’ll enjoy a whole day immersed in the most authentic side of the Penedès region, pedalling effortlessly along paths winding through the vineyards.

At Cal PadrÍ you can choose between a fixed menu or sample its exquisite a la carte dishes, either way you’ll enjoy a modern cuisine using organic, home-grown food that has not abandoned its roots.

You could also try their traditional calçotades! Cal Padrí has its own livestock and vegetable garden – it’s the land not the chef that decides on the menus.

Lenght: 29 km

Level: medium Difficulty

Duration: all day

Price: From 43€/adult. Dine at restaurant not included.

A sensory experience through the vineyards of Albet i Noya on an ebike

This is a delightful wine trail passing through a landscape of vineyards to the Can Vendrell de la Codina estate. There you’ll experience a sensory journey through this winery – a pioneer in organic grape cultivation and wine. 

Once arrived at the winery, it’s time to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The visit itself is rather unusual. Apart from discovering the secrets of organic wine production, you’ll also be introduced to their experimental grape varieties. This is a project to recover lost grape varieties that played an important role in the past and which, for their singular properties, Albet i Noya would like to cultivate once more. To top it off, a wine and sparkling wine tasting session; just the thing to prepare for the return journey.


Length: 25 km

Level: Medium difficulty

Duration: All day

Price: €39,90/adult. Inclusive of bike hire, helmet, padlock, assistance en route, GPS, guided tour in Albet i Noya, winetasting. 

Cavasfera experience at Cava Guilera

Riding an ebike means arriving at our destination, Subirats, fresh and ready for Pere and Marta Guilera to show us the small wonders of “Gran Reserva” caves; from their origin (the peculiarities of the vineyards), to the storage (the wine cellar where the cava is aged) and, most important of all, the tasting.

We really love the rich tastes and aromas of reserve cava, the gentle bubbles and the way everything comes together as a harmonious whole – smooth and lightly fruity. Only 2% of cava made in the DO Cava region is “Gran Reserva”. We recommend you take full advantage of this rare opportunity and we will make sure you have an unforgettable experience amidst the Penedès vineyards. 


Length: 20 km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day, or all day having a nice picnic lunch in the vinyard. 

Price: From €33/adult Inclusive of bike hire, helmet, padlock, assistance en route, GPS, Cavasfer experience and cavatasting.

The Torres Winery

Discover the largest winery in Penedès and its wholesome, organic vineyards

Enjoy the countryside and its wine in the most agreeable and dynamic manner.


The trails start out from the Torres Winery visitor centre and bring you back to the same place. Activities on offer also include a guided tour and wine-tasting.


Distance: 12.5km from the Visitor Centre to Mas Rabell and 19km from the Visitor Centre to Mas Rabell and Sant Martí Sarroca castle.
Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day

Price: From €36,30/adult Phone: 34 +93 8177330 


Giró Ribot Cava Cellars

Enjoy the Penedès countryside as you follow a simple and charming trail that leads you to the Giró Ribot Cava Cellars, where you can take a guided tour and taste some cava.

The Giró Ribot Cava Cellars is set in the heart of the DO Penedès region and owned by a family with deep roots in the area going back through several generations of wine, cava and spirit producers.

Discover a winery that knows how to combine traditional and modern approaches to wine-making in such a way as to produce wines of the highest quality.


Length: 24 km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day

Price: From €31,70/adult. Inclusive of bike hire, helmet, padlock, assistance en route, GPS, guided tour in Giró Ribot, and wine and cavatasting. 

Through the vineyards to Jean Leon

Enjoy this trail through the Penedès vineyards; easy to follow, with no steep climbs, this is a trail suitable to try at midday. It will take you to the famous Jean Leon winery where you can take a guided tour and taste some of the estate’s wines. 

In the 60s, Jean Leon founded a winery that gradually developed a prestigious, worldwide reputation, but at the time, the man himself was already a legend. His charisma, charm and resolution led to social triumph amidst the Beverley Hills set in the 1950s and won him the trust of everyone in Hollywood.


Length: 27 km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day

Price: From €35,25/adult  Inclusive of bike hire, helmet, padlock, assistance en route, GPS, guided tour in Jean Leon and winetasting. 

Romance among the vineyards with a bottle of cava!

Surprise your partner with this romantic offer! Ride an ebike trail that will take you through some truly romantic spots and enjoy a bottle of cold cava, supplied with two glasses so you can sip it together amongst the vines. Time for a bit of romance?

Come to Penedès; take an ebike ride through some fantastic spots along trails winding between green vines and olive groves. In the bike basket there’ll be a carry-case with a bottle of cold, craft cava and two glasses so you can raise a special toast in a special place!

The ebike means you arrive as fresh as a daisy – no effort, just a gentle turning of the pedals – while GPS means you can follow the trail without fear of getting lost.


Remember, we’re less than an hour from Barcelona!


Length: from 15Km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day 

Price: from €32,50/adult

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