Garraf Natural Park: From Sitges to the Buddhist Monastery

Allow yourself to be seduced by the charms of the Garraf Natural Park as you pedal along, almost effortlessly, at your own pace. When you arrive at the fantastic Buddhist monastery of Sakya Tashi Ling, you’ll have an opportunity to unwind and connect with your inner self...


Garraf is home to Europe’s only indigenous palm, the palmetto. These days the palmetto is a protected species; it was almost wiped out because of its use in the manufacture of baskets and other products. 


Length: 22 km

Level: high difficulty

Duration: all day

Price: from €35/adult.

Minimum of 6 pax. is required

The Pèlags de Vilobí del Penedès

A circular route taking you through a very special zone; a wetland alive with birds, including some protected species. The micro-ecosystem formed by the Pèlags de Vilobí makes a dramatic contrast with the viniculture of the Alt Penedès region as a whole.

The Pèlags have a picnic zone, but if you prefer you can eat at one of the restaurants in or around Vilobí. You could also combine this route with a guided tour of a winery and a wine-tasting. If you want to spend more than one day in the area there are welcoming and locally authentic places to stay.


Length: there are two options: 20km or 30km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day or all day

Price: from €25/adult

Century-old Olive Groves

Penedès is a land of vineyards, but also of olives. This route takes you to a delightful olive grove of trees a century old.

The trail takes you through vineyards to Pla del Penedès where you can see the oldest olive trees in the area. It is a landscape typical of the region where you can enjoy the sight of different species of vines as well as olive and almond trees.

This is ideal for a family excursion with plenty of chances to picnic in one of the many, delightful beauty spots you’ll discover on the way. 


Length: 22 km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day or all day

Price: from €25/adult

To Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs

Across towards Subirats, enjoying the landscape full of vineyards, peach orchards and olive groves, to discover a beautiful Romanesque monastery in the quiet village of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs. 

Approaching Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs, it’s not unusual to spot hares and rabbits among the vines. Owing to its hilly nature and the confluence of mountain streams, this is a wetland zone. Moorhens, green frogs, horsetail and dogwood, typical of this environment, can all be found here. Amongst the birds you can see are:  hoopoes, black redstarts, nightingales and blackbirds. In the village you can spot common and rock swallows and various birds of prey such as kestrels and owls.


Length: 24,50 km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day 

Price: from €25/adult

Romance among the vineyards with a bottle of cava!

Surprise your partner with this romantic offer! Ride an ebike trail that will take you through some truly romantic spots and enjoy a bottle of cold cava, supplied with two glasses so you can sip it together amongst the vines. Time for a bit of romance?

Come to Penedès; take an ebike ride through some fantastic spots along trails winding between green vines and olive groves. In the bike basket there’ll be a carry-case with a bottle of cold, craft cava and two glasses so you can raise a special toast in a special place!

The ebike means you arrive as fresh as a daisy – no effort, just a gentle turning of the pedals – while GPS means you can follow the trail without fear of getting lost.


Remember, we’re less than an hour from Barcelona!


Length: from 15Km

Level: Low difficulty

Duration: Half day 

Price: from €32,50/adult

The perfect summer: swimming in the rock pools of the Foix river valley

The perfect summer excursion – swimming and diving among the rock pools in a magical setting!

The river Foix creates a beautiful spot with rock pools and water falls. In the winter, when the sun is shining, the trail is delightfully peaceful. In the spring, the almond trees bloom and the birdsong builds to a great intensity. In the summer, the vineyards form carpets of green and, toward the middle and end of August, the grapes ripen and the harvest begins.

Here we can enjoy vegetation typical of Penedès: different varieties of vines, olive and almond trees, fruit trees on the lower slopes and forests of mountain pine above, with a ground covering of rosemary and lavender filling the air with their wonderful scents.


Length: 22 km

Level: Low difficulty

Dutration: All day

Price: from €35/adult

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